Purchase Order Financing

Get the Capital You Need to Acquire Merchandize With Our Funding Solutions

At Business Funding Solutions, Inc., we understand that one of the most trying financial obstacles businesses run into is obtaining the capital they need to buy pre-sold merchandise. For this reason, our purchase order financing solutions are designed to help your company acquire the capital it needs to export, import, or manufacture the goods that you plan to sell.

We have the expertise and knowledge to assist you, regardless of whether you are a distributor, wholesaler, producer, or a reseller of previously manufactured goods. Even if your company’s cash flow is suffering, you have limited access to funding, or you are a start-up, we can help.

Reasons to Acquire Purchase Order Financing

There are many different reasons why implementing purchase order financing into your operations is a good idea. These include some of the following:

  • Your company is provided with the ability to expand without needing to increase its debts or sell equity
  • Your businesses can increase its profitability by taking on and fulfilling larger orders
  • You can agree to orders with confidence knowing that the delivery will be taken care of in a timely manner

This funding solution is also complemented by fast and flexible service so that you are able to acquire necessary funding soon after you turn to us.

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