Merchant Cash Advance

Give Your Operations a Financial Boost With a Merchant Cash Advance

If you are a business owner, at Business Funding Solutions, Inc., we can offer you a merchant cash advance for every location that you operate of up to $200,000 against your company’s existing merchant accounts. This type of funding is a beneficial alternative to acquiring a small business loan and can be used against any credit card sales your company makes in the future.

Using the Capital

Although there are many benefits associated with obtaining a merchant cash advance, one of the main advantages is that you can use the capital any way you want. However, we suggest using it to:

• Purchase more inventory
• Raise awareness about the different services and products your business provides

There are also many advantages of working with us at Business Funding Solutions, Inc. to acquire a cash advance. For example, we will not require you to stick to a fixed payment plan and will introduce you to several easy ways you can use to pay back the funding we provided you with. We will also not require you to pay closing costs on the capital and don’t require an application fee. 

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At Business Funding Solutions, Inc., we can help your company obtain the funding it needs to operate successfully and profitably. For more information about our funding solutions, contact us today.

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