Accounts Receivable Financing

More Efficient AR Operations and Predictable Cash Flow

Securing a steady stream of income is an essential business operation and can be accomplished in several different ways. Client accounts are used to structure convenient payment plans that provide a predictable income stream for several months. However, managing all these accounts and applying payments made on a variety of schedules puts a lot of pressure on AR departments. Accounts receivable financing is an ideal solution. Not only does this financing secure a predictable amount of income, your team members will be freed from the task of maintaining different accounts so the needs of new clients can be prioritized.

Dynamic Financing Solutions

Financing receivables through Business Funding Solutions, Inc. has many valuable advantages that decision makers should consider. For example:

• All types of businesses can receive AR financing
• You receive cash within 24 hours
• No recourse even if the client does not pay
• Receive insurance on clients at no cost to you
• No personal guarantees are required
• No arbitrary board decisions determine your finance eligibility

Putting Your Money to Work

Once you have received cash from accounts receivable financing, you can use that money to fund expansion, hire new or temporary employees, purchase inventory, take advantage of bulk discounts and time-sensitive investment opportunities, and prepare for seasonal demands on your business operations.

Work With a Lending Leader

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